+ NEW OFFICE CONSTRUCTION - CSI  can handle the complete outfitting of any commercial office space from tea blank canvas of "Shell and Core" including design, all construction, furnishing, pre-occupation detailing, commissioning of equipment, and relocation logistics.

+ OFFICE REMODELING AND RENOVATION - From refreshing exciting office spaces to the reconfiguration of spaces to accommodate new requirements or even the need for a "more dense pack", CSI can execute office refurbishments in quick time, minimising business interruption, and accommodating ongoing operations by working off hours.

+ SYSTEMS FURNITURE SUPPLY AND REFURBISHMENT - Systems furniture is both a major and wise decision for any operation.   CSI can supply new systems as well as refurbish existing systems allowing businesses maximum flexibility.

+ OFFICE RELOCATION AND MOVE LOGISTICS - As part of any office project CSI can provide the service of move management facilitating an orderly and efficient transfer of location.  This would include the disassembly of existing furnishing and fittings, transport, relocation, and installation of those items to allow for a painless transition.

+ BUILDING SERVICES AND M&E INSTALLATION AND RECONFIGURATION - Beyond just fitting out CSI can also handle the supply and installation of the M&E components of any project. THis includes, electrical, communications, access control, security, plumbing, audio visual, and HVAC.